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EXCLUSIVE BTS Look At Season 3 Of Wuz Good’s Couples Night!

We got all the behind the scenes action from our boy Wuz Good’s third season of his hilarious show, Couples Night.

For the past two seasons, this show has been gifting us with some incredible content, and their newest season is no different. But truthfully, watching the crew navigate being trapped in a house while the world slowly comes to an end around them because of technology might just be our favorite plot yet. Maybe because it feels a little bit too real?

We kid, we kid.

Once again, Couples Night does not disappoint, and Adam W has us cracking up the whole time while he casually eats a quesadilla (thanks for makings us crave one now) and calls on Rome as his personal chip security against Jessica Lesaca.

Yea, saying that they have fun on set is an understatement. We really hope they manage to turn Couples Night into a movie, because if anyone deserves it, it’s these guys.

Check out our exclusive behind the scenes look at Couples Night season 3, and don’t forget to catch up on all the seasons, including this one, right here!


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