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EXCLUSIVE Birthday Shoot W/ Nina’s Makeup And Janina!

We went behind the scenes with our girl, Nina’s Makeup, for @official_janina’s birthday shoot and got all the on site exclusives.

The day was dripping in pink and full of sprinkles, and Janina went through multiple looks all while attempting to capture the perfect shot for her bday.

“The thing I love about photoshoots is you can do so many things. You can play different characters, like today, I’m a barbie!”

The shoot took place at Elegance studios on Melrose in Hollywood and judging by the way the pictures ultimately came out, we’d say it was a success.

Both girls slayed with their modeling and makeup skills, and we really hope that they actually got to eat those cupcakes in the end.

Check out our full exclusive behind the scenes look with Nina’s Makeup and Janina for all the details!


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