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EXCLUSIVE BTS Tease Of Scotty Sire + Elton Castee’s Fox Tossing!

We got the exclusive behind the scenes sneak peak at Fullscreen’s new show, Fox Tossing, starring Scotty Sire and Elton Castee.

If you’re sitting there wondering what the hell Fox Tossing is, don’t worry, we asked the same thing.

“Fox Tossing is basically, it’s based off of a book about of all these different sports that no longer exist because they were either too dangerous or became illegal or too expensive or too impractical or just plain stupid.”

In probably one of our favorite attempts at promotion we’ve ever seen, Scotty and Elton went head to head in a game of extreme pink-pong.

The two battled it out while using extra large paddles as well as those bug shocking wands, which they then, naturally, shocked each other with.

The entire thing was a wild and nail biting tournament full of plot twists and high heels.

Yes, we said high heels, but we’re not telling you which one of them had to wear them.

We’re so excited for the premiere of Fox Tossing because if it’s anything like this, it’s going to be amazing. After all, who doesn’t want to play insane and potentially dangerous games with their friends? It’s not like anyone is really gonna get hurt, right?

“For example, we did barrel jumping, which I hurt my leg in. It swelled up like the size of Elton’s head on my leg.”

Okay, so maybe you can get hurt, but hey, no risk, no reward.

Check out the exclusive clip of Scotty Sire and Elton Castee attempting some impossible looking barrel jumps while on ice down below!