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We Have The EXCLUSIVE Footage From Jaden Smith’s MSFTSrep Show!

Jaden Smith recently performed a pop-up show with Mateo Arias in Calabasas, and we got the exclusive behind the scenes look at what went down.


Smith dropped a poster on Twitter that told the world about the show only two days before it actually took place, and fans went wild trying to figure out a way to get there.

While we all know that Jaden Smith is no stranger to performing, the show was actually Arias’ first ever concert as a performing artist. Maybe it was just because of the electric energy from the crowd, but you wouldn’t have ever known.

Smith himself has surpassed just being an artist to becoming a full-blown star, and in some ways, he has become so infamous within the millennial generation that he’s becoming a phenomenon. Even in regards to his music, there are few people who can have a pop-up concert with no EP and still draw a crowd who knows every single word to the songs that are played.

Willow Smith also made an appearance when she performed towards the end of the show, effectively giving fans a two for one dose of the Smith siblings.

While nothing has yet to be confirmed, Jaden did take to Twitter to express his desire to go on an official tour. We don’t know about you guys, but considering how successful this show was, we have a feeling he won’t have any problems selling out more.

Does this mean we’ll finally get that EP we’ve been waiting for? Guess we’ll just have to see. Jaden did, however, drop his new single titled ‘Watch Me’ at the show, which is now available on iTunes.

We want to give a huge shoutout to our friend David Savage as well as Miguel Meledez for the invite!

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive footage from Jaden Smith’s pop-up concert, as well as Jaden Smith’s official video for Watch Me, which drops July 28th.