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EXCLUSIVE Look Inside The ‘Guilty Party IRL’ Event!

AT&T Hello Lab and Fullscreen launched their new series ‘Guilty Party’ back in August and just held amazing fan activation event ‘Guilty Party IRL.’

Guilty Party‘ is centered around someone stealing high school queen bee Emma’s diary, revealing her secrets to the entire school, and now she’ll stop at nothing to get her revenge. The series stars Tiffany AlfordTeala DunnKian LawleyMiles McKennaJessie PaegeManolo Gonzalez Vergara, and Alexis G. Zall.

The ‘Guilty Party IRL’ event was totally for the fans. You could make your own Warren Academy School ID card that enrolled you into the academy. Once inside, there were numerous rooms to explore featuring fun activities like debating, spreading positivity in the “Goody Vibes” room, making Musical.ly videos performing the show’s song ‘Karma’, and getting down with a dance party and cast Q&A.

You can check out the entire series over on the Guilty Party YouTube channel.


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