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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Artist Sivan Karim!

We love finding new artists on Instagram, and Sivan Karim was one who we immediately became obsessed with.

A Berlin based artist, Sivan creates stunning pieces of art that are so detailed, it’s hard to imagine he manages to create them by using only ink.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Sivan and talk to him about what his inspiration within his art has been, along with how having a a presence on social media has changed art sharing, as well as heightened the risk of art theft.

Check out our exclusive interview with Sivan Karim below to read everything he had to say!

Featured Image Credit: Sivan Karim

How long have you been doing art? What first inspired you to start?

I’ve always loved art. I can’t remember when I started drawing, but my mum says I was about 2 or 3. When I was in primary school, we went to an art museum, I was so fascinated and wanted to be an artist as well. I drew everyday and after my graduation I decided to study illustration in Berlin. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016 and started showing my drawings on social media. Luckily magazines and agencies reached out and I was able to work on commissions.

What is your favorite art medium to use? Your Instagram has a lot of ink work, do you prefer this?

Yes, I really love using ink for my drawings. The contrast of black and white and the simplicity are really important to me. Ink has got a very pure blackness, that’s the main reason I use ink and not other mediums.

What inspires your art? Music, emotion, movies? None of these things?

The inspirations behind my drawings are mostly from experiences I have made. Also nature, dreams or society issues. Before starting an illustration, I usually sketch some ideas in my head first (it kinda looks weird, because I stare at something and basically “draw” in my head) after that I do little sketches on paper, once I’m happy with it, I start with the actual drawing.

Do you have a favorite piece of yours that you’ve done? If so, is there any particular reason why it is your favorite?

That’s a tough one! I can’t really choose a favorite one (I feel boring now) I have a close bond to “The Dream” though. It was basically the first illustration that got a lot of attention on social media. It’s my most reblogged drawing on Tumblr with over 40k notes. I guess it all started with this one?!

What do you think is the most challenging art medium?

I guess oil painting. You need to be very patient, cause it drys very slowly.

When posting on social media, there is always the risk of someone stealing your pictures. Does this ever stop you from posting?

It happened already and it was very annoying, of course. I needed to report and/or get in touch with the people. But thanks to my followers, who tag me on the posts, I can take action quickly. I wouldn’t say it stops me from posting and promoting my art though. ๐Ÿ™‚

Both Tumblr and Instagram are big art platforms, which one do you prefer? Why is that?

I actually like both, because they’re very different. Tumblr is a blog and my drawings are getting reblogged even after months and years. Instagram on the other hand is pretty much about being active on social media, people like to get to know you better and I feel like there’s more pressure on their.

What has been the greatest advice you’ve received in regards to your art?

Just do what you like. If you stand up for your art and know the value, it is easier to communicate through it.

Who is your favorite artist?

There’re so many. I really admire Charles Dana Gibson’s drawings. He also used ink. Also I’m a huge fan of James Jean.

Do you believe that there is no wrong way to create art?

I think people shouldn’t make rules for art, therefore there is no wrong way of doing art.