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EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Artists Of Stage 13’s Independent!

We just had the amazing experience of sitting down with the cast of the new Stage 13 original series, Independent, and are here to give you all the exclusives.

Independent is a series that follows Futuristic, Reverie, Sean Brown, and Trinidad James, who are all independent artists, as they take their careers into their own hands and take on the music industry.

“Each one of us have a different story within that circle, but it’s all unique and it’s all truly independent.”

When asked how they all got involved with Independent, it seemed like it all sorta just fell into place, especially considering that in order to film, each artist had to do nothing except continue on with the grind they were already doing.

“My manager was like yo– you got this opportunity, they wanna follow you around and document what you’re already doing…it was really cool. The team was really dope.”

There are a lot of wise words being dropped in this video, and Trinidad James, in particular, talks about the importance of learning how to have respect for yourself, in order for that respect to grow into something bigger.

Check out our full exclusive to find out what exactly it takes to be an independent artist, and don’t forget to watch Independent, which premieres Thursday, October 19th!


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