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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Courtney Miller And Olivia Sui From Smosh!

We recently met up with Courtney Miller And Olivia Sui to find out about what goes on in the Smosh Pit!

The pair have worked together at Smosh before, when they co-hosted the Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover series. Now they are back with the Whoa! Nature Show on the newly rebranded channel Smosh Pit (previously known as the Smosh 2nd channel).

With the Whoa! Nature Show, Courtney and Olivia get face-to-face with the finest flora and fauna our wild planet has to offer. Not only is the series hilarious, as these two friends riff off each other seamlessly, but you’ll definitely come away having learned more about mother nature.

See what they have to say about what animal they are most terrified of, what they’d be doing if they weren’t hosting the show, and find out what their outrages costumes are all about now in this behind-the-scenes look with Courtney and Olivia!