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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Custom Paint King Kyle Morley

What’s better than art and motorcycles? Art on motorcycles.

We recently got the opportunity to chat with Kyle Morley, the genius mind behind the Xecution Style Kustom Paint and Design shop. Aka, the place you take your bike to make all your artistic dreams come true.

Kyle gave us the lowdown on just how much work actually goes into one of his custom jobs and how, on average, it takes him 200 hours to complete a single motorcycle. Talk about dedication.

Read our full interview with Kyle Morley below to find out more about his bikes, and the timeless advice he has for those who might want to throw in the towel on their own dreams.

What first made you want to get involved in custom paint jobs?

I fell in love with the arts at a young age. Early on I was asked by friends to paint things like skatedecks, bmx frames etc… As I got older that turned into cars, trucks and motorcycles. That’s when I realized I may have something worthwhile here.

How long was the learning process for it? Did you ever get so frustrated you almost gave up?

The learning process was every bit of 15 years. I always say I learn something new every day. The moment I shut my mind down from learning I might as well shut the doors of my shop. That’s when you get stale. There have been plenty of times I’ve been so frustrated I wanted to throw in the towel but I feel as though getting over certain hurtles makes me a better artist.

Do you use any other art mediums as well? Which is your favorite one?

Custom paint, airbrush and striping is my day today medium. But just like most artists, I can’t leave anything alone, so I always find myself creating. My mind is always moving, looking forward. In the little bit of spare time I find myself with, I build custom motorcycles, trucks and wall art for the shop and my house.

What is your inspiration behind your designs?

The inspirations for my artwork come from almost every where. Literally driving down the road I will see a pattern on a road sign, a billboard, a cloud formation etc… When I sit down to lay out a design for a paint job I will pick through these images in my head and marry them together. But it’s not until I have the parts I’m painting in front of me that the final layout comes to life. I like to work with the lines of the body to have it all makes sense.

Do you ride a motorcycle? How long have you been riding and what do you love most about it?

I’ve been riding motorcycles as long as I can remember. There’s no feeling like being on a motorcycle. It’s the best place to clear my head.

How long does it take you you to finish one paint job?

The average motorcycle these days consists of up to 20 paintable pieces. I take the parts from the ground up including bodywork, primer, metal flake, artwork, clear-coat and polish. The whole process takes about four weeks on average, about 200 hours.

What is your favorite kind of Motorcycle?

Harley’s are my favorite bike by far . That’s not saying I would ride one without changing just about every square inch of it. But it is a great canvas to start with.

What was your favorite custom job you can remember doing?

It’s really hard to narrow down my favorite custom job. Each bike I paint tells its own story. When I look at one of my completed paint jobs I look through the layers & the details. I can remember back to what I learned at that exact moment in time.

What is the greatest debate amongst bikers?

I think the greatest debate in any industry is what is the next big trend. It’s my job to keep ahead of the trends and stay fresh.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

My favorite place to ride, truthfully, is anywhere with a crowd. That’s where my artwork is appreciated.


You can check out Kyle’s website right here at www.xecutionstyle.com.


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