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EXCLUSIVE Interview With @directedbystro!

We all know and love the Influencers that we see on our screens, but what about the person behind the camera?

Stro, known as Directed By Stro to most people online, is the man behind some of your favorite Influencers’ most viral videos. You remember Jake Paul’s Christmas music video? That was him. Did you catch Steven Spence’s new ‘Memories’ remix? We sure know Stro did, because he filmed it.

Taking a step back from the final product, we talked with Stro about what it takes to create short form content in the Influencer world, and how he thinks YouTube is affecting modern media and entertainment today. Trust us, you’re not gonna wanna miss out on what he has to say!

How did you start working in the social media world? What inspired that transition?

My best friend Steven Spence; coming from music [he] wanted to start acting and he convinced me to shoot some skits for him. We started to get eyes on our videos and started collabing with everyone that had the same passions and interests. I want to make feature films. Whats a better way to start than making skits and telling stories that people love and enjoy?

Do you see a big difference in Influencers when the cameras are rolling versus when they’re off?

At times Influencers are even funnier off camera than on. Its raw, organic and unfiltered humor. That’s why I try to keep the camera rolling as much as possible.

What is your favorite type of content to film and why?

I love to film comedy because the sets are usually not as intensive. These are my friends after all, so it just feels like one big hang out and we’re just killing some time [while] doing what we love. It really doesn’t feel like a business or work. I sometimes can’t stop laughing on set because, even off camera, everyone is still pulling jokes and being silly.

What is the most challenging part of creating short form content?

HITTING that ONE MINUTE MARK. As a content creator behind camera and the spotlight, we have so much to tell from within the story arc with beats, emotions, twists and conclusion. There are so many ideas in us to keep the content going, so it gets really difficult to trim down hilarious bits or important scenes and still make it make sense and keep the viewers engaged and entertained.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you in your career?

Moments over materials. – Steven Spence.
Everything loses value, but those moments can’t be forgotten.

Do you think that YouTube has become more of an entertainment media platform like tv and film, versus a content creator platform?

Honestly, not yet. Its still raw, filled with opinions, artistic expression, home videos and low production value videos that focus more on content. I dont think the general public goes to YouTube for the type of content that you can find on Hulu and Netflix. YouTube is in a weird state where they’re redefining themselves to be a entertainment media platform but in the process they’re letting their creators suffer. I’ve heard too many negatives things from creators lately. They can’t forget [or] leave the people that built YouTube [up to] where it is today.

What would be your dream project to work on?

My dream project is more of a dream reaction. I want to create films that will take people on an emotional roller coaster where they will love, laugh, cry, be at the edge of their seats and forget their life problems.

What is something you always aim to get across to an audience with your work?

To continue to provide the viewers with the most genuine and original content. [I’m] always striving to put out the best content while continue to learn and grow.


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