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EXCLUSIVE Interview With This Infamous Instagram Parent!

Unless you have been living within the unfunny side of Instagram, you probably are already familiar with Ava Ryan, the sassy and hilarious little girl who echoes the internal monologue of most 20-somethings.

Ava and her mom, Katie, are one of the best tag team duos for comedy, and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to chat with Katie about how exactly her daughter first ever came up with her now infamous characters.

Check out our exclusive interview below, and please, make your life a little bit better by diving headfirst into the hilarity that is their Instagram account.

1. How does your daughter come up with her characters, and how many does she have?

Typically she will base her characters off someone she sees in real life. For instance, Charlene was a “hot mess” lady with crazy lipstick she noticed walking down the street. Boss lady is a woman that she saw while we were visiting an office and Ava could tell that she hated her job. I think she is fascinated by eccentric people.. people who are truly themselves and don’t hide behind anything. She really has a way of making these characters very relatable, because I think we’ve all felt like Charlene or Boss Lady at some point. When she was little she was fascinated by her grandpa and based pretty much every character she did off him. Not sure we could all relate to grandpa, but he was honored none the less!

2. Does Ava realize she’s a viral sensation and has that changed her attitude?

I think she knows her videos are popular, but I don’t know if she realizes how popular. She’s still just a normal kid just being silly.

3. When did you realize that your daughter was a secret comedic genius?

From the minute she could talk she was always cracking us up. But we’re her parents! I assume pretty much every parent finds their child hilarious. I didn’t realize that her humor translated to anyone else until I started posting some of her funny baby videos on Facebook and it seemed that everyone thought she was as hilarious as we did.

4. How has being on social media like you are changed your day to day life?

To be honest, not much. There are things, of course, like doing this interview or being interviewed for National TV. Ava was also interviewed by People magazine. It’s been exciting! But at the end of the day, we are just normal people.

New Charlene!! Telling it like it is, always and forever

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5. Do you have a favorite character of Ava’s?

I love Jimmy the Ghost Hunter!! It was my favorite video we made together. Maybe this Halloween we will do another.

6. Do you guys write scripts for your skits or is it largely improv?

Ava comes up with some ideas but it’s mainly improv. That’s truly her gift. She knows exactly how to say something with perfect timing.

7. We give you an A+ for parenting, what advice would you give to other parents wanting to spark creativity in their children?

Thank you!! I don’t know if I can take credit for Ava’s amazing talent, but I will say that even before she could talk I would have conversations with her. I would pretend like I understood what she was saying and she would just babble on. Also we played a lot. I would encourage her to use her imagination. We had all of these stuffed animals she named and they all had different personalities. I can say we have always encouraged her creativity and taught her to be her weird silly self.

Happy Monday! Bossy Boss lady is back at it. Discussing hopes, dreams, etc.

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8. Do you ever get discouraged by social media? Especially because it’s your own child who is being critiqued.

The Internet can bring out the absolute worst in people. Being behind a screen can make someone feel that it’s ok to be hurtful. It’s because of that reason I tend not to read comments anymore. I do see some really super positive ones, which are great.

9. Has Ava expressed any interest in future career aspirations that involve comedy or creativity?

Right now, she wants to be an actress! It goes between actress, scientist or doctor. Whatever path she chooses, we will stand by her.

10. What is the most surprising thing that has ever come out of Ava’s mouth?

I could write a book. Off the top of my head I love the fact that when she was little, she thought that there was an actual boyfriend store that people went to to get boyfriends. Still cracks me up.