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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Jenn McAllister And Rickey Thompson!

Season 3 of YouTube Red’s Foursome premiered a few weeks ago, but we just sat down with two of its stars to get the behind the scenes scoop on what it’s like to film the show.

YouTube stars, Jenn McAllister and Rickey Thompson, stopped by the Trending All Day house, and talked about all the ways that having a show on YouTube Red allows for them to hit topics they might not be able to cover otherwise.

“With YouTube Red I feel like we have a lot more freedom to talk about things that are just more real, honestly. Because when you’re in high school, people are getting their first period, or are dating for the first time…It’s really cool that we get the opportunity to sort of explore these topics.”

On top of that, Jenn and Rickey both talk about what it’s like for them to try and balance crazy long days on set, while still managing to upload videos to their channels. Turns out they have pretty different methods, but Rickey might be utilizing Jenn’s technique pretty soon.

Check out our full interview with Jenn McAllister and Rickey Thompson to get all the details and don’t forget to watch Foursome’s season 3, out now.


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