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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Josh Greenfield From Brothers Green Eats!

For all you foodies out there, we’ve got the ultimate treat for you.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Josh Greenfield from the ever entertaining Brothers Green Eats YouTube channel, and we got a lot of insight into the dos and don’ts of cooking.

We’ll be honest, we’re not the most amazing chefs, but we still happily dabble in cooking. Sometimes we even attempt to throw in a few extra ingredients in bold attempts at pretending we know what we’re doing– and sometimes it even tastes good.

Josh, despite having started out like this as all good chefs do, has surpassed most of us to reach some pretty epic levels of cooking.

He and his brother Mike have been diligently uploading videos to their YouTube channel with the intention of making cooking a reachable goal for people, but that’s not the only place you can catch them, they’ve also got a show on MTV.

Basically, they’re everything you’ve ever wanted when it comes to a cooking duo, and if you’re wondering how they got started, or what Josh’s favorite comfort food is, you’ll just have to read on.

Check out our exclusive interview with Josh Greenfield down below!

TAD- What is the worst meal you’ve ever made?

Josh- Oh man the worst meal I’ve ever made? Well, it was less of a meal and more of a disappearing act. One of the first times I ever tried to make falafel, and now I love making it, but one of the first times I’d ever tried to make it, I used canned chic peas and there was too much water. I formed the balls and then I put them in the deep fryer and when I pulled it back up, there was nothing there. They literally just disappeared and evaporated. It was sorta disappointing.

What would you say would be three ingredients that you think everyone should have in their kitchen?

Well not including salt, pepper and oil, I think you should have one good vinegar. It can be balsamic, it can be red wine, it can be apple cider, whatever you like. That will add so much flavor to dishes. Something spicy, whether it be cayenne, a hot sauce, chili powder, and then a third— what do I usually reach for the most– I mean I always go with citrus, like a lemon or a lime. Another thing would be soy sauce. If it’s more pantry, I would say definitely some kind of soy sauce.

I wouldn’t even think of those.

Really? Do you cook?

A little [laughs] I didn’t really pick it up.

Well there’s still time, got plenty of recipes for you!

What’s the craziest place you’ve been food wise? Like somewhere you’ve visited where the food has just been so interesting or different from what you’ve had before?

Thailand. Absolutely. What’s really cool about Thailand is they use everything. In America, we really see food as [if] there’s certain things that are the prime. There’s the ribeye, the best cut, the chuck— but there, they use everything equally. They’re gonna use intestines, they’re gonna use liver, heart, kidney, blood, bones, it doesn’t matter. They can make everything taste delicious.

You got started in cooking more so as just a hobby. Your career was focused in something else, so was it a leap of faith for you when you went into cooking, or did it feel like it was always kinda meant to be?

I was a musician for very many years. I always loved cooking but music was like my thing you know? I was in a band, we were together for a long time and [we] moved to New York. Actually what happened interestingly enough, [is] I started cooking for people and myself because I was broke. So it was more of a necessity like, oh I don’t have any money? I’d really love to eat well, so I started cooking for myself and people started being interested in the food. [We] started having parties and started filming and it just kind of happened. It was kind of like the universe saying hey I know you like this music thing, and we’re gonna keep doing it, but the food thing is something special. So I just kinda went for it. My brother and I, you know we grouped up together and just kinda went for it.

That’s so great. What’s your favorite comfort meal that you cook for yourself?

Honestly, fried rice, like stir fried. Most of the meals that I make, even though I can go crazy and intricate, when I’m just hungry, I just wanna have some rice or some rice and noodles, or some stir fried with whatever veggies I have. [I] add some seasoning to it, maybe some spice, maybe some meat and just keep it really simple. I find stir fry with rice is just so good.

Is there an ingredient that scares you either to cook with or eat?

Nothing scares me per say. In Vietnam there’s this thing called the thousand year old egg. It’s this fermented, disgusting egg, it’s probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever ate. That’s the one thing I’d like to avoid. It’s like this rotten, fermented egg. I tried it and it was pretty terrible. Some people like it so I’m like, hey, to each their own.

How did you guys get involved with MTV?

We were doing this show called Midnight Munchies through YouTube. There was music in the show so we hung out with musicians and played music [and] MTV was kinda wanting to do a show [because] they wanted to bring food onto their channel. They hadn’t really done much in food so they were looking to do something and they just saw us and were like, wow, this actually fits perfectly. They hit us up and the rest is history.

That must have been a little surreal.

Yea, the most surreal part was going into the MTV office. Basically [I was] sitting right across from a poster of Beavis and Butt-head, which they were like my show when I was growing up. [I was] just staring at those network executives [while they were] saying hey we love your show, we wanna do something, and just starring at Beavis and Butt-head thinking wow.

Have you ever hurt yourself while cooking? Any horror stories?

Oh yea. The best one, well I don’t want to say best [laughs]. The first thing we ever filmed about 6 years ago, my brother and I were doing a parody. Do you know the show Dexter?.

Yea of course.

So my brother and I were doing a parody of that show. Basically what happened was, the final scene Mike was kinda strapped onto the table like the Dexter victim, and it was this whole thing where he was making a sandwich and I needle him in the neck and he goes down and I steal his meal. You can still see it online if you type in Brothers Green Dexter. I was using one of those hand held blenders to fake the death scene. It was electric and I accidentally turned it on and it actually cut right through his chest.

Oh man thats wild.

Yea it was crazy.

I’m definitely gonna have to watch that video, that’s insane.

Oh yea you should definitely check it out.

Alright, age old food controversy question– pineapple on pizza, what’s your opinion on it?

Delicious. Fruit on anything savory is good. Here’s the thing- I think it’s funny to me because people get grossed out by something just because it’s different you know? But, what are tomatoes? They’re fruit right? They’re actually sweet. There’s sweetness in pizza. They add sugar to tomato sauce oftentimes to add sweetness to it. Bread has sugar in it. Pineapple is great because you have the citrus, the tartness of it, and it’s juicy, which adds in to the savoriness of the meal. I love sweet stuff on [savory]. Honestly, I’ll add peaches to pizza, or strawberries, I don’t care.

That’s awesome. I love that.