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Exclusive Interview: “I Love Bekka & Lucy” Creator Rachael Holder And Star Tanisha Long

I Love Bekka & Lucy” premiered at SXSW this year, where it became the first-ever digital series in the Episodic category at the film festival. Created by Rachael Holder, the series stars Jessica Parker Kennedy (“Black Sails”) as Bekka and Tanisha Long (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) as Lucy, along with Alexis Denisof (“Buffy,” “How I Met Your Mother”) as Glenn, and Chris Smith (“Paranormal Activity 3”) as Harry.

Back in 2012, Rachael first developed the series for YouTube, where it racked up more than a million views. It was reworked into a pilot that Warner Bros digital studio Stage 13 then picked up to develop into the full series. The show is centered around two quirky besties who must figure out how to evolve together if they want to maintain their friendship after an unexpected engagement.

We sat down with Rachael and Tanisha to get the full scoop on what creating the series was like. You can also watch the series on Stage13.com, Facebook and YouTube. Check it out now!


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