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EXCLUSIVE Look At Curvy, Curly, Conscious LA With Shelah Marie!

Ever heard of Trap Yoga? Well you’re about to.

Recently, we had the amazing opportunity to get an exclusive look at Shelah Marie’s signature self-love day party– Curvy, Curly, Conscious LA.

“So Curvy, Curly, Conscious was inspired by, I was using the hashtag #CurvyAndCurly and I was kinda being really open and transparent about my journey with self love, depression, anxiety. I found that I had this community of women that were like hey, me too, and it was all women of color who were interested in self love, growth and self care.”

The goal of Shelah’s Curvy, Curly, Conscious is to create an event series of self-love day parties, where women can feel empowered, and begin to heal.

But you’re probably still wondering about that trap yoga thing, right? Well don’t worry because¬†Britteny Floyd-Mayo (@trapyogabae) gave us all the info on it and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

“So what I do is I add trap music to it. So imagine, you’re doing something that’s supposed to be this meditative practice, but you’re doing it to 2 Chainz.”

Outside of the fact that this simply sounds like a ton of fun, it’s also a great motivator in the movements as well to keep you energized and excited about the next sequence of poses.

Curvy, Curly, Conscious goes beyond just these self-love day parties though, because they also make sure to give back to women in the community by raising resources for women and underprivileged families.

We honestly can’t say enough good things about Shelah and what she has created, so go ahead and watch our full, exclusive look at what goes down at a Curvy, Curly, Conscious self-love day party!