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EXCLUSIVE ‘Lost Footage’ From BTS Of Elijah Daniel’s ‘Deadahh’

We know exactly what you guys could use right about now– some exclusive ‘lost footage’ from the filming of Deadahh.

If you already thought that you loved Elijah, Christine, Tana, Lena and Sam aka Dr. Woke, then you’re in for a fucking treat, because you don’t even know the half of it. We got the chance to go behind the scenes at  Elton John’s house to watch Lil Phag do his thing, and it was full of the exact types of shenanigans you’d expect.

You can see for yourself in our footage that the whole thing was a lit AF day full of fun where everyone put their all into creating some pretty wild content…there’s even some rogue vomit at one point, so beware.

Make sure you check out our full, exclusive behind the scenes content!


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