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EXCLUSIVE Project Paper Bag’s Hurricane Harvey Give Back W/ NattCity!

This past weekend, we met up with our friend Nathalia Castellon (NattCity) at her Project Paper Bag give back for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Project Paper Bag is Nathalia and Sandra Garcia’s incredible organization that was built on the platform of wanting to give back to those in need. Normally, they hold a meet up once a month where they collect donations and make sandwiches that they then go and deliver to the homeless on skid row in Los Angeles.

This particular event was different though, because every single care package that was made went directly to Hurricane Harvey victims. Boomtown Brewery, where the event was held, also took part by making sure they donated $2 for every beer sold towards the relief fund!

We had the most amazing time working with Project Paper Bag! While this particular meet up was solely dedicated to helping out those in Houston, you can get involved with Project Paper Bag at anytime and join them in helping to give back to the homeless community during their usual monthly donations.

Thanks for having us NattCity! We are so glad we could be a part of such an amazing effort that helped provide care packages for hundreds of people.