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EXCLUSIVE: Viral Internet Star Studios Ft. Danielle Bregoli

Our newest video featuring Danielle Bregoli and Klarity just dropped, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you guys.


Inside The Viral Internet Star Studios features our friends, Klarity and Danielle giving us a glimpse into the unique and hilarious life of a viral internet sensation. They discuss the hard questions we’re all wondering, like how to spell ‘catch‘ or what Bregoli would do as a United flight attendant.

The perfect combination of comedy and annoyance, Bregoli is proving to the world that she’s far surpassing her original notoriety. Watching her and Klarity duke it out makes for the perfect odd couple, and we didn’t know how much we needed it until we had it.

We also didn’t know that a barbie could be anything but plastic, but as you’ll see in our video below, apparently they can be.

Watch the two play a game of wits, and make sure to check back for all other future work with Danielle Bregoli.

Just like our last video we did with her, we promise that the new ones won’t disappoint.

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  1. Jasmine says:

    That little girl is bad as shit she need her ass whopped ❗️

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