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Facebook AI Will Now Help With Suicide Prevention

Facebook is finally putting their stalkerish ways to good use by implementing a new AI whose sole purpose is to help facilitate suicide prevention.

While artificial intelligence can get really creepy sometimes, we have to admit that when using it like this, it’s actually incredibly resourceful.

Facebook’s new AI feature is apparently programmed to find patterns in words and imagery that are typically linked to suicide risk, as well as filter through comments to take notice of ones that might show concern for the user.

We’re really interested to see how this ends up working out, because when it comes to human emotion and dissecting how it comes across online, it can get really tricky. For instance, will this AI be able to filter out dark humor and sarcasm from posts verses ones that are actually a cry for help? Will other indicating features be further programmed in to help do so, or is there no way to fully avoid that fine line?

If the AI finds users that they deem at risk, they will send them available mental health resources as well as have the ability to actually contact appropriate local first-response authorities.

So far, the AI service is only available in the European Union, but we’re sure that once it hits everywhere else, we’ll be hearing about it even more.


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