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WTF Is Kitsch And Why Is It Trending?!

If we were to mention Kitsch fashion, you’d probably have no idea what we were talking about, unless of course, you’re a fashionista of course.

You may have seen this trending in Vogue’s Snapchat story…

Kitsch fashion has been going on since the 1970’s, remember tye dye?

Or maybe you’ve got a totally rad photo of your mom in the 80’s rocking the Madonna look! Then in the 90’s, it’s kind of hard to forget body glitter, and those butterfly hair clips we thought were so cool! All of that is making a comeback believe it or not. So what is Kitsch exactly?

According to Vogue, Kitschy fashion is: clothes and accessories that purposely look excessive and cheap on purpose. Somehow, it’s all the rage.

The same way glitter butts, and even that Ikea bag became fashion statements, it just happened.

We’re not sure what to think of it yet, but it’s trending!

? #rihannaingreen

A post shared by anti #r8 (@badgalriri__1988) on

Rihanna just shines.

Of course, the look is much more embellished on the runway, but we look forward to seeing how Kitsch’s comeback holds up!

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