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Fashion Influencer Arielle Charnas Shares How She Made $4 Million In One Day

31-year-old fashion influencer Arielle Charnas says the path from stock associate to paid fashion Influencer only requires authenticity.

Aptly dubbed “The Future of Fashion”, style Influencer Arielle Charnas is sharing her secrets to success.  Surprisingly these highly coveted suggestions are basically common sense.  She advises Influencers to stop posing with pastries and gold balloon birthday blowup balloons.

Popular Instagram models might snark about her advice but Arielle’s got over 1+ million followers so aspiring Influencers should def listen to her message.  With Arielle’s authentic style she has attracted brand heavyweights like Karen Rabinovitz, co-founder of the Digital Brand Architects agency.

Through partnerships with corporate executives like Karen, Arielle has been able to launch a successful clothing line, employ women as staff for her own business’, develop television shows, social media partnerships, and bring in more than 4 million dollars in revenue for Nordstrom’s in less than one day.

Despite all her success, Arielle is one of the few Influencers that put her mental health issues on the forefront.  Check out the innovative Influencer on her official Instagram account.


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