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FaZe Banks Returns To YouTube With An Explanation For His Hiatus

FaZe Banks is back and it turns out that he’s been dealing with a lot of heavy shit in his downtime.

For everyone wondering where he’s been, it was no doubt a relief to once again hear from the YouTuber in regards to what spurred on his decision to go on a nearly 2 month hiatus. As it turns out, it was because he had a whole bunch going on behind closed doors, and in that time, YouTube just didn’t seem fun to him anymore.

“I’m not gonna put the burden of all the details on you guys, but it was bad.”

Back in November, FaZe and Alissa found themselves in the midst of a ‘he said she said’ type of argument with a bar called Barley House after a fight supposedly broke out between FaZe and the security guards. More details on that story can be found right here, but in his recent video FaZe talks about how he and Alissa having been dealing with ‘a situation he can’t talk about’, and we assume it has to do with the fall out from that incident.

As if that stress weren’t enough already, FaZe also opened up about the fact that his dad has been really sick. Over the past few months he’s had a heart attack, open heart surgery and is currently still in the ICU.

“He was unconscious and out of it and on breathing machines and basically life support the whole time.”

Damn, we would also be taking some time off from YouTube if this were going on in our life.

As FaZe stated in his return vlog, he likes to keep to himself when dealing with personal stuff like this, and that the reason why he wasn’t crying or getting emotional while talking about it all right now is because he’s been crying during the time he’s stepped away from the cameras.

He also made a point to let his fans know that part of the reason why he wanted to wait to explain everything to them was because he didn’t really have answers for people in the midst of the journey, and felt like it would be pointless to come onto YouTube to upload videos that were just of him crying and offering little to no information.

Fans were more than happy to wait for his return though, and have been showing love in his comments ever since.

We hope that FaZe’s dad makes a full recovery and that whatever the situation him and Alissa are dealing with gets resolved easily.

Check out the full video down below!


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