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FaZe Clan Supports FaZe Rain After He Checks Into A Mental Health Facility

After bravely admitting he was struggling with suicidal thoughts, FaZe Clan co-founder has begun treatment at a psychiatric facility.

Fans, family and friends showered content creator FaZe Rain with support after he sent out a message on Twitter which explained that he would be seeking psychiatric care.  He also urged readers suffering from mental health issues to seek care as well.  Although it’s heartbreaking to see anyone suffer, it’s amazing that even in dark times he’s reminding his young fans that self-harm is never the answer.

He also noted that this is the second time he’s been hospitalized due to mental illness.  Earlier this year in April, he sought help after suffering from a mental breakdown.  He spoke about the incident in a vlog afterwards.

There’s no update on whether or not his condition is improving but knowing that he has thousands of people in his corner wishing him a speedy recovery will definitely help.  His FaZe Clan family as well as other streamers, gamers, and fans praised Rain for taking action.

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  1. Ally says:

    I know how you feel Nordan, i just got out of where you are at. But it will get better bro i promise. Love you keep your head up, Faze Up

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