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FaZe Rain Reveals The Secret To His Dramatic Weight Loss Journey

Nordan Shat better known as FaZe Rain revealed the secret to his incredible weight loss in a YouTube vlog.

FaZe Rain is giving you the secrets to his weight loss but there’s a twist!  It was completely unintentional for him.

“I didn’t lose weight on purpose.  I didn’t mean to.”

He reveals he hit the gym every single morning without eating breakfast beforehand.  He believes ‘heavy cardio’ first thing in the morning is the secret to quick fat loss.  During this time he also shares he was a heavy smoker and believes that had little to do with his weight loss despite what viewers believed.

FaZe Rain also urges those hoping to lose weight not to jump on any social media fads that make outrageous claims.

“I know they’re so many people out there that want to lose weight.  It’s just a thing, bro.  You know people be buying those goddamn stupid lollipops. That s–ts stupid, don’t do that.”

FaZe Rain offers some pretty solid suggestions for healthier ways to lose weight but anyone looking for an overnight miracle might not be too happy.

“Everyone who’s trying to get in shape and do all of that.  I mean you know what it is.  The thing is we ask questions like ‘how do you do this’ ‘how do you do that.’  But we all know what to do.”

He goes on to list the following as your guide to a healthier, slimmer life and body.

  1. Eat better food; eat more nutritious food.
  2. Cut out soda.
  3. Increase the water.
  4. Hit the gym. 


Currently FaZe maintains his shape by weightlifting and say’s although he’s extremely happy with his weight at the moment, he’d like to pack on a few extra pounds.

Check out the full video above for more solid weight loss tips and see FaZe Rain’s amazing before and after!

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