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The Fight Between FouseyTube And Vitaly Is Just Getting Started

There’s a whole bunch of back and forth happening between Yousef and Vitaly that we don’t even know where to start anymore.

One thing is for sure though, this feels damn well like a legitimate feud between the two and not some fake PR shit that’s being built up strictly for views. Sure, is there a fight on the line? Yea. Are they both milking the entire situation for video content? Totally, but still…there feels like there’s a lot more on the line here.

Not only do both seem to have real hate for each other, but there are some real AF accusations going down. We already talked in depth about how Yousef exposed Vitaly for assaulting women in Brazil, and unfortunately, that whole thing just gets more horrifying by the day.

Ultimately, we are still wondering what the two YouTubers are hoping to accomplish with these mutual ‘exposures’. Vitaly has already come out denying the assault accusations while simultaneously turning the situation back around onto Yousef to ‘expose’ him by saying that he used to hire 3 hookers a day.

Of course Keemstar had to get involved in all of this too, and he ended up interviewing both Yousef and Vitaly on his channel. Naturally, there was A LOT of arguing between the two, and even some talk about the potential fight they’re gonna have. Yousef at one point even offers to pay Vitaly $25k if he manages to pass a drug test, steroid free.

If the end goal of this whole thing is just to fight, then we gotta say that it’s all getting a bit too real for us. If, on the other hand, it truly is about exposing Vitaly for assaulting women, then we’re all for Yousef’s savagery.

We’ve linked all the videos down below for you guys. Let us know what you think about the whole situation!

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  1. Zach M @ matix lp . alpha . beta is for betas says:

    My money is on Vitallyyy!!!

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