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‘Fighting Isis’ Is Weird + Funny Australian Adventure

‘Fighting ISIS’ is the strange story of some Aussies who set out to take on Isis. The show is very masculine, and for good reason, it was created by Seb PeartMark Nicholson, and Peter Corrigan, These guys are hell bent on destroying the evil of ISIS no matter what, even if it lands them in jail.

This is some serious Adult Swim kind of animation entertainment and we like it. These men definitely have some issues with their families at home, but, no matter, they’re gonna save the whole world.

Politically correct this show is not. Funny and irreverent? This show has that in oodles. Note, it’s also laced with profanity, so maybe don’t watch it at work.

The buds do make it all the way to Afghanistan and they realize that fighting ISIS is not as easy as they thought it might be. Stay tuned to see if these crazy Aussies win the good fight.