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Five Up & Coming Influencers You Need To Follow Immediately!

Trending All Day is always on the hunt for the next big social media star and we’ve found five must follow up & coming influencers that we had to highlight!

We’re usually showing love to the top influencers who are so popular even their social media handles are household names but we’re switching it up.  There’s a bunch of hardworking amazingly talented up & coming influencers who will soon have millions of followers and we want to help them get there.  These five are a diverse group of influencers each serving different areas of the digital community.

1. The Sorry Girls – are a DIY whiz duo named Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid.  The two met in college and began their YouTube journey in 2010.  They dubbed themselves ‘The Sorry Girls’ as an ode to a stereotype that Canadian’s say sorry way too often which is where the ladies are from.  The girls tackle everything from halloween costumes to home decor. This isn’t your little sister’s Do-It-Yourself.  They make DIY look absolutely fabulous!  ‘The Sorry Girls’ creations look straight out of a high end Beverly Hills home decor showroom.  Don’t get jealous if your attempts to remake their work don’t come out quite right because these ladies offer interior design services!  We also had to give them bonus points for the awesome reason behind starting their channel and brand.

“goal is to continually inspire passion and confidence in young women around the world and to be a role model in empowerment, the core message behind “do it yourself.”

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Totally stealing Kelsey's look. 😏 😏

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2. Alan Tsibulya – is a comedian and self-proclaimed sex symbol and we don’t disagree!  This Australian YouTuber is entirely too gifted at portraying the most annoying types of people in the most hilarious way.  The 21-year-old vlogger was tapped by Coca Cola to promote their brand so it’s safe to say he’s destined for more mainstream success. He’s so amazing at observational comedy that he needs his own sitcom and comedy special because we can’t get enough.

3. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton – is an influencer and an entrepreneur!  She has a full service cafe and spa but still manages to be a full time lifestyle influencer.  She makes being a boss look effortless and always promotes self-care and positivity in everything she does.  She’s got glowing skin, an amazing wardrobe, and a lifestyle blog aptly titled ‘The Chill Times’ where she spills all her secrets!

4. Michelle Carigma – is fitness and body #GOALS!  This workout guru aims to get you in tip top shape in more ways than one.  Her personal website is full of food recipes, style, fitness, and travel tips and pics!  Her style is a mix of elegance and athleisure and we want her whole closet!  For those of you not ready to jump head first into the hardcore fitness game she’s got some amazing at home workout vids!  Her Instagram is motivating not only because of the great how-to’s but you’ll also never catch this beauty in bad lighting and that’s exactly why she’s on this list.

4. Asha RavalLast but not least is a woman who looks like a real life walking magazine editorial!  Every last picture deserves it’s own Vogue cover and we are extremely impressed with the photographer’s skills!  No need to shout ‘lights, camera, action’ because Asha is always ready.  Best of all she shares exactly where & how to get her look from head to toe including the glowing skin on her blog.  We’re sure the only reason Asha doesn’t have millions of followers is because every girl wants to keep this gem their own little hidden fashion and beauty secret!

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Thank you so much @bayareabloggers_babs for featuring me [swipe left]! Truly thrilled to be introduced to my Bay Area community of dreamers and creators 🙏 Many thanks for your support and for all the loveliness you put out into the world and our community of bloggers! Check out the series on the @bayareabloggers_babs Instagram and here is a little snippet below: 💥 💥 💥 My Dad is Indian while my Mom is of French and Italian decent, so growing up I always felt conflicted about where I belonged culturally (coffee and cream is a reference to my multiracial heritage). Art and fashion helped me so much in exploring my identity and expressing different sides of myself, and truly is kind of fun therapy for me.  I always thought I would be a painter and moved to London for college to pursue my passions in oil painting.  However, I spent most of my college years skipping art classes in favor of interning at fashion magazines and hopping across the channel to Paris for fashion weeks.  It was this hands on experience within the fashion world that truly sparked my desire to create my own narratives and photography using fashion as tool.  I did some modeling while in London, but began to realize that I hated being forced into someone else's creative vision and only seen as an object.  And that is what led me to create my own platform for creation. If you are a creative what led you to your artistic or entrepreneurial path? 💥 💥 💥 #mscoffeeandcream #asharaval #nikatangdesigns #NikaTang #sanfranciscofashionblogger #polkadotdress #mididress #femininstyle #vacationstyle #artphotography #editorials #fblogger #moodyport

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