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These Food Films Look Exactly Like The Directors They’re Imitating!

A good director has a signature look to their work, and David Ma has proven just how clear that look can be by filming food recipe videos in the style of some pretty iconic names.

David’s #FoodFilms series is a true treat (pun intended) not only due to the fact that it actually teaches you how to make certain things, but because you don’t even need to be told which director he is imitating to know exactly who it is.

So far all the food he ‘teaches’ you how to make is pretty simple. If you didn’t know how to make it prior, we’re not necessarily judging you, but we’re definitely glad you’ve now learned.

David is a seasoned chef as well as artistic director for all things food, so it’s no surprise that he has created such high quality videos with this level of conceptual detail.

His Instagram is also a must follow for all foodies out there because of its wide range of meals and nearly NSFW food porniness.

Honestly, we’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

Check out David Ma’s full Wes Anderson inspire s’mores video down below!