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FouseyTube Drama: What Happened At ‘Hate Dies, Love Arrives’ Concert

What in the FouseyTube is going on here? Here’s an update on yet another YouTuber event gone terribly wrong.

We are all asking the same question that YouTuber Shane Dawson asked FouseyTube during a live interview on ‘No Jumper’; Why wouldn’t you take time into putting together an event like this after the failure that was TanaCon, such a short time after its crash and burn? See, Fousey who rose to fame making comedic videos and became known as the ultimate prankster, hasn’t been himself for a while now. From back and forth beef with digital stars like Keemstar, Vitaly and Ricegum; to taking breaks from YouTube because of mental health issues like depression and alleged bi-polar disease, Fouseytube has fans concerned to say the least.

The concert was put together in less than a week or so with Fousey claiming to have stars like Drake and P.Diddy as performers to the free event. He also invited several YouTubers including Keemstar to attend the event at a venue in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, C.A. When he was approved to have the ‘Hate Dies, Love Arrives’ concert on July 15th at the venue, more than 1,500 spectators arrived only to be evacuated hours later. With no Drake in sight, the police shut down the event after a bomb threat was called in. Fousey claims it was a “hater” who made the phone call and police later confirmed that no explosive device was located but the venue had to follow procedure and shut down. In a confusing speech on top of a car right after the arena was evacuated Fousey spoke to fans and YouTubers who attended the failed event. Watch the video below uploaded to  Fousey’s YouTube channel.

Well, Keemstar did make a documentary on the event (The Hard Truth About FouseyTube) which he had agreed with Fousey to create no matter what the outcome of the event would’ve been. In Shane Dawson style, Keemstar went through with the documentary which shows what happens from beginning to a quick end of the concert. Like TanaCon, the planning wasn’t there and no, Drake’s camp confirmed that Fousey and Drake had never met…something Fousey also admitted in the No Jumper interview below. Watch this raw video where Shane Dawson, Keemstar and Fousey come face to face to lay the cards on the table.

Fousey claims that even after all of this his credibility hasn’t been hurt, he will be on The Ellen DeGeneres show and his next book as a motivational speaker will be titled “July 15th.” What do you think?

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