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fouseyTUBE Is Quitting YouTube And Giving Away His Channels

fouseyTUBE, who now goes by Rose Erakat, has decided to quit YouTube and embark on a spiritual journey.

After a string of unfortunate events Rose has decided to officially quit YouTube and is gifting his extremely popular channels away to a few lucky folks.  Although his latest vlog where he makes the announcement has a bunch of supporters, there are many who think Rose is going through a ‘manic episode’ including fellow YouTuber FaZe Banks.  

The speculation stemmed from Rose’s “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” in July.  The event was eventually shut down by police due to a bomb threat but DramaAlert founder Keemstar caught the event and it’s inception on camera.  Keemstar posted the video to his channel and many deemed Rose’s recent behavior as erratic and strange.

Rose also makes huge claims during the video and says that if he is unable to follow through he will give up his whole career.  Those claims were that he would appear on stage with J. Cole at a show last month in August.  He also promised to hold a bigger “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” event in that same month as well which never happened.

“If I am not on that stage, I promise you, to walk away from YouTube, my whole acting career, me doing what I want to do in life. I’ll live in isolation, and no one will hear from me ever again.” 

When Rose wasn’t able to make his dreams a reality, Keemstar immediately called him out.  Afterwards fans noticed that his Twitter, videos, and Instagram had all been deleted.

Now he hit up YouTube to explain his absence and give away his most valuable possessions.  He says he’s been living in a secret location and left without notifying friends or family.  He also got rid of his cell phone so his loved ones have no way of contacting him.  Although his actions seem strange he says he’s more than ok before offering an explanation.

“To fulfill a promise that I made.  I can’t get mad at anybody for a promise that I made.  That if I didn’t do a certain thing that I said, I would remove everything.”

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