Fullscreen’s ‘Woman on the Street’ Asks Tough Questions!

Sometimes Fullscreen drops a free show for the people. ‘Woman on the Street’ is just that. The YouTube only (no subscription needed) show has Mikala Jones talking tough (and hysterical issues) to the streets to find out the pulse of the nation.


Hysterical topics are fair game as well. We love how our resident woman tackled RompHims. Other recent topics include Instagram beauty standards, and smoking weed with your parents. The baby show seems to be just getting out there, but their topics definitely seem to be hitting that internet sweet spot.

While ‘Woman on the Street’ is not particularly bringing anything new to the table, we respect Fullscreen’s free offerings to the people. Brand awareness takes all types of content, and some of that content has to be free, and why not give some free content the face of an underrepresented voice (although we also really want more of the RompHim guy).

We are always advocates of more female-facing shows, and Fullscreen has done that here with the camera-friendly Jones, and how Jones’ voice develops with the show. We give ‘Woman on the Street’ 7 out of 10 likes. Keep bringing some free, informational content to the people!


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