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Funny or Die Launches Web Series on Climate Change with Al Franken

“Boiling the Frog” is a new web series from Funny or Die and Al Franken discussing climate change with levity, and yes, if you are comedian/ senator Al Franken you can wield beautiful and hysterical metaphors to prove that climate change is indeed real.

In the very first episode, Franken boils climate change denial to a simple yet beautiful metaphor. “Say you go to a doctor and the doctor says, ‘You have got to stop smoking and go on a diet. I see here on your chart that your father died of a heart attack at age 51. This is terrible – you’ve really gotta start exercising.'” … You might see where this is going. If you deny smoking is bad for your health, you might die. If you deny carbon and climate change, well, you also might die.

This web series is both for comedy nerds and any average Joe or Jane who wants to be well educated on climate change and which politicians are fighting for planet Earth, and who is continuing to deny and why.

Oh, and yeah, David Letterman came out of retirement to have frank discussions with Franken on life and climate change. Thank you for this, Funny or Die… we give comedy with a conscious 10 our to 10 likes!