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Twitter Is Roasting Fyre Festival And Their Crash And Burn Opening

The internet is responding to what a complete and utter disaster Fyre Festival ended up being, and it’s honestly hilarious.

Listen, we’re sure that it SUCKS to have paid $4,000 just to end up stranded in the Bahamas, forced to eat cheese sandwiches and use porta-potty’s, but we can’t help but laugh at the way Twitter users are talking about this so called ‘festival’.

Where do we even begin?

Essentially, Fyre Festival was advertised as a luxury event dedicated to music, food and art, which was going to take place in the Bahamas. The package deals offered to its attendees were ridiculously expensive and guaranteed them the best of the best including private chartered flights from Miami, luxury communal bathrooms and a variety of lodging.

Information on travel & accommodations for #fyrefestival (scroll right)

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Their official website has taken all information down and replaced it with a really desperate attempt at explaining themselves, citing that circumstances were ‘out of their control’ and that this was the reason why their festival literally fell apart.

It’s hard for us to even say that it crumbled, because in reality, there was no festival to begin with.

Fyre was the result of Ja Rule sitting around and thinking, hey, I can have a festival too. In a way, he’s right, Fyre Festival proved that anyone can gather together a group of refugee tents, folding chairs and sliced cheese, and charge the masses up to $12k to enjoy it.

We are honestly dying to know what way they’re ultimately going to try and spin this, because even if we gave them the benefit of the doubt and entertained the whole idea behind circumstances being out of their control, it still ultimately explains nothing.

Literally nothing was what they said it would be, and considering how extreme that difference is, no one should have been allowed to even board a plane to go there.

Still, we are living for these Twitter responses.

We’re gonna assume that there will not be a second annual Fyre Festival, but hey, we can dream.

On another note, someone should probably tell Kendall Jenner to fire whoever is booking her these jobs. First pepsi, now Fyre Festival? If she starts telling us to book United, we’re officially gonna be worried.


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