eBay Is Letting Fyre Festival Attendees Have One Last Hoorah And We Find It Hilarious

As if the disastrous Fyre Festival wasn’t enough, attendees are now using eBay to sell their fabulous Fyre fail items. It sounds funny at first, but then it takes a turn for the truly hilarious once you take a look at the prices.

Does no one learn their lesson nowadays?

People are really attempting to sell their merchandise on eBay for astoundingly high prices.

Take a look for yourself.

$300 for a Fyre Fest hoodie is almost too laughable to be true.

Bidding ended…with no bids. No surprise there.

But the festival continues to burn endlessly as the creative remnants of Ja-Rule and Billy McFarland turn to ash. As if the mounting lawsuits weren’t terrible enough, the internet has decided to grace us with even more fyre fuel.


This artist’s pass was actually sold for $71…it was worn…even though there weren’t any performances…

An artist's pass for a music festival without any music. Lovely.

This hat was sold as well, because who doesn’t wanna remember what never was?

Some actual shade from the Fyre Fest, right?

We would like to say we hope Fyre Festival can just go away, but if hilarity ensues, who are we to judge?



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