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Gabbie Hanna Got How Many Piercings Where?!

Gabbie Hanna just got 5 piercings in one sitting for the sole purpose of creating a clickbaity title, and we are so proud of her.

“Titles like specific numbers…people go nuts, I don’t know.”

She’s right though, because the second we saw her title we thought, no way. Then we saw that Hanna made the brilliant choice in going to Timeless Tattoo to get pierced from body piercing expert, Chris Saint and we thought, well this is just going to be the greatest thing ever.

Watching Gabbie scream, cry and kick her friends in the head reminded us of our own experiences getting piercings. We respect the shit out of her though, because we can do one, maybe two in a sitting…but five?

Hell no.

Lucky for Hanna, she had a slew of friends there to support her both physically and emotionally. Whether it was breaking someones hand from squeezing too tight or simply insisting that an endless stream of jokes and conversation be said to distract her, Hanna proved that sometimes it’s all about the company you keep that gets you through the painful times. Literally.

“You guys gotta like talk or something. You can’t just let him come at me with a needle without words.”

Liza KoshyZane Hijazi and Mykie were all in attendance to cheer on their friend as well as get some truly cringeworthy shots of needles poking through her skin.

Check out the full video of Gabbie Hanna getting pierced by Chris Saint down below!