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Gabbie Hanna’s Apartment Is Definitely Haunted

Gabbie Hanna is totally being haunted and even though we’re freaked out for her, we are also dying of laughter at her reaction to it all.

“Oh my god I am fucked up right now.”

Considering that we are talking about two people with the same name, for the sake of this article alone, lets just refer to them by their last names, shall we?

So basically what happened is that Gabbie Hanna and Gabi DeMartino were hanging out one day recording a vlog for DeMartino’s channel, minding their own business, when a ghost casually popped up to say hello.

The thing is that neither one of the girls noticed it at the time, and it was only brought to their attention because multiple fans wrote about it in the comment section of the video.

In Hanna’s most recent video, she rewatches the clip that everyone is talking about and you can clearly hear a creepy whisper audibly say Gabbie.

“No, that straight up says Gabbie, whispered. Who’s it talking to, which one of us? We’re both Gabbie! It’s my apartment but I vlog in here all the time and I never hear shit so maybe it followed her.”

Hanna is totally open to plausible explanations for the whisper, but so far, it doesn’t really seem like anyone can explain it.

This is not her first encounter with the paranormal though, in fact Hanna has been pretty vocal about her beliefs in ghosts and all creepy supernatural things. If you head to her channel, you can find other videos where she talks about experiences she’s had, so this latest moment feels pretty on brand for her.

Check out Gabbie Hanna’s full ghost encounter in her video down below!


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