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Gabi DeMartino Announces She Will Not Postpone Blood Queens Premiere

Gabi DeMartino has been hard at work on her web series, Blood Queens, a parody spinoff of what the imagined 3rd season of Scream Queens would have been.

The Blood Queens premiere was already planned to drop tomorrow, but in light of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, people were wondering if Gabi would postpone the release due to the murders and violence shown in the parody.

In a string of tweets, Gabi announced that she had thought about it but ultimately has decided against postponing the already scheduled premiere.

The reactions from fans at the news is one that, overall, seems pretty supportive, but it does raise an interesting question about our own moral responsibility in the face of tragedy.

Of course no one could predict such a horrific thing to take place, so what does that mean for preplanned projects? Should they be postponed, or is it better to continue on with them so that, as Gabi stated, evil doesn’t ruin it?

Honestly, we’re not sure there is a definitive answer to that question, but in this instance we are at least happy at how self aware of the situation Gabi seems to be.