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Gabi DeMartino Just Blew Our F*cking Minds

In a world of weirdly endearing tweets that give us feels that we didn’t expect to have, Gabi DeMartino just delivered us the best one yet.

We honestly have never in our lives considered comparing ourselves to the moon in this way, but after reading through her post, it makes a lot of sense.

Never have we ever taken a picture of the moon that has successfully captured just how pretty it is, but we don’t doubt its beauty. We are fully aware of what the moon looks like, and we don’t need a picture to prove it. Further more, no poorly taken picture of the moon has ever changed our opinion on what it actually looks like.

This is how we should be feeling about our own appearances, because too often we put our physical worth in the proof of a picture.

Gabi’s little moon metaphor has blown our minds with its simplicity and its accuracy, and we think that we should all remember the moon the next time we are feeling shitty about ourselves because of a picture.

A little Thursday positivity never hurt nobody.