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Gabi DeMartino Just Suffered The Wrath Of A Salon Worker

Gabi DeMartino was just the victim of a tragically angry salon worker, and even though we feel bad for her eyebrow massacre, we can’t help but laugh at how she ended up in this situation.

We’ve all experienced a time in our lives when we’ve been desperate and running out of time before, right? Well that’s exactly where Gabi found herself when she made the bold decision to go to a nail and waxing salon that she swore she’d never go to again.

“One time I found out that they called me ugly so I never went back to this nail salon.”

Shit, we wouldn’t either! But desperate times call for desperate measures, and Gabi explained in her vlog that she simply didn’t have enough time to go somewhere else.

Unfortunately, she was wrong in assuming that the staff members wouldn’t recognize her after so many years. Turns out that not only did they totally remembered her, but they were actually pissed off that she had been MIA for so long. Despite this, her manicure went down without a hitch, and it wasn’t until she began to get her eyebrows done that she realized she had made a mistake.

“I started feeling the wax going way too far.”

Eyebrows are a fragile enough art to maintain, that the moment you feel someone else fucking it up and can do nothing about it but sit there helplessly and accept your fate, it’s especially traumatic.

Luckily, Gabi has been hard at working trying to right the wrongs that this woman did to her with the over-waxing, and she’s starting to look like her old self again.

Check out Gabi’s vlog down below to hear the complete story!


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