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Gabi DeMartino Is High-Key A Riverdale Shipper

Turns out that Gabi DeMartino is in fact even more relatable than we originally gave her credit for.

The YouTuber has lately been tweeting out our own thoughts and feelings when it comes to a certain show, and a particular ship that now we’re just sitting here thinking– yes Gabi, yes.

Riverdale has pretty much taken over all social media platforms and even today, we couldn’t get past one page on a particular website without seeing FIVE articles dedicated to the show that seemingly, overnight, became everyone’s favorite thing.

For real though, what was life like before the term ‘Bughead’ was universally known? We don’t know.

But back to Gabi and her fan-girling.

Watching your favorite show can sometimes be like going through the 5 stages of grief, first it’s denial, then anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance. Based off of Gabi’s next tweet, we’d say she’s somewhere between stages one and two.

We suddenly have the deep desire for her to live tweet every Riverdale episode from now on as well as maybe make a cameo appearance at some point?

Something tells us she’d be more than happy to oblige to that last part.


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