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Game Grumps Gets A Head Start On Good Game!

Game Grumps have decided to offer fans a preview for their upcoming series, ‘Good Game’ which is set to premiere at the end of August on YouTube Red! Creators Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan shared the trailer for our viewing pleasure.

Hanson and Avidan will portray a pair of regular lazy bums who decide to take on life by participating in an e-sports tournament, “Blood Match” (which by the way doesn’t actually exist but maybe it should). In order to compete for this title, the two must gather a team of un-usuals to match the skills of the competition’s robot. Gamers everywhere are appropriately freaking out.

Mark the date on your calendars for August 30.

In the meantime, Hanson and Avidan host regular videos on the Game Grumps channel, which has close to four million subscribers. Be sure to check out their animation videos to truly appreciate the comedic genius of these YouTube creators!