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Gamer Tfue Is Coming For Ninja’s Throne As The King Of Twitch

Is Ninja’s title as the King of Twitch up for grabs?!  Twitch streamer Tfue seems to think so!

After all Ninja’s recent success like being the first gamer to cover ESPN Magazine, he should’ve known that other Twitch gamers like Tfue would be coming for his spot. It seems he’s hit a plateau when it comes to his subscriber count which leaves room for a successor.  Although Ninja has history with the streaming platform due to him signing up back when it was known as Justin.tv, that won’t help him at all.

Tfue’s claim to fame is his remarkable Fortnite skills much like Ninja.  He’s also got an impressive resume which includes several ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournament wins and he’s a member of the notorious FaZe gaming clan.  It seems that’s enough to make him a contender for the title of King of Twitch mostly because Ninja’s follower count peaked back in April of this year after reaching 11 million subscribers.

There’s still a lot of buzz surrounding ESPN’s number one gamer but Tfue is slowly catching up.  In fact, Dexerto reports that Tfue gains an estimated 142,707  followers a week while Ninja gains just over 100,000.  Tfue is still miles away from Ninja’s impressive subscriber count but apparently not in views.

We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on those numbers!  Hit us up @Trend All Day to let us know if you think Tfue will snag Ninja’s crown in the near future!


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