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Summit Gets Major Backlash From Fans For Playing Fortnite w/ Jake Paul

Anyone in the gaming world knows that Summit is one of the chillest influencers on Twitch but even his fanbase has their limits.

Over the weekend Summit streamed a few Fortnite matches with the one and only Jake Paul and Summit’s fans were not having it! The stream clearly came as a surprise to his fans as a big majority of the Twitch community doesn’t care for the Paul brothers..like at all.

The stream didn’t even gather that much attention but Summit’s chat was more unruly than usual, one chatter said, “I hate that disneycunt. Hope KSI beats his ass.” The chat got so lit that Summit actually made a comment on the stream saying he was disappointed in the chat. “I’m a little disappointed in the chat, to be honest with you,” he said. “I thought the 1g squad was a little bit different. Thought some people had a little bit thicker skin.”

After the stream was over though is when things really got crazy! Followers and subscribers of Summit’s threatened to leave because they felt like he has turned his back on his long time fans. Come on guys, sounds like a bit of an over reaction, don’t you think?

Summit was quick to tweet back at his angry fans, let’s say, putting them in their place.

It’s tough to say how many followers Summit may have lost as a result of streaming with Jake but love him or hate him, Jake Paul does bring in big numbers. Summit’s streams have had over 20,000 concurrent viewer counts and overall Summit’s new follower count has actually increased over the past few days. However it’s only been a few thousand so less than you might expect given Jake Paul being involved. That could mean that a good amount of fans did really leave, however we will never totally know.

Now the real question is, will the new followers stick around after the trend of Youtubers vs Streamers is over?! What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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