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‘Gay Hollywood Dad’ Highlights Life as Single Father

Writer/director Quentin Lee aka ‘Gay Hollywood Dad’s latest’ project isn’t another film. It’s his new baby and his journey to get there as a single gay father in Los Angeles. The six-part series launched Friday on the LGBT streaming service Revry.

The show shies away from no topics. It digs deep into the choice to raise a child in Trump’s America. What life will look like when healthcare suddenly become tenuous, and also when all your gay friends aren’t 100 percent supportive of your new choices.

Even though his social life has mainly gone out the window, Lee seems beyond happy with this latest production:

“It’s life-changing in the way you’re thinking about his well-being first and then yourself. The reward is really being able to see life at its creation.”

Congrats, Lee! We love watching your inspiring journey!



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