Jeremiah Bullfrog 'Forks' Hard in New Series!

Jeremiah Bullfrog is the chef of all things hip. If the hipsters are doing it, Jeremiah Bullfrog probs did it first, and that’s what we love about him. “Jeremiah Bullfrog Forks It” (in conjunction with Complex) just dropped on Go90 so you can binge and get hungry. Very, very hungry.

The chef has truly done it all, but he was made for short form TV. His larger than life, unabashed personality is one wonderful guide and host.

This man (who helms from the food-rich city of Miami) has truly done it all. He’s owned a food truck. He has worked as a celebrity chef. He’s served presidents. He knows how to run one dynamic-ass table, so of course, now the dude needs his own darn show. It’s time.

Jeremiah’s charming and hip slang gives him an edge on the likes of Anthony Bourdain as he gets down and dirty trying to put his own spin on local foods. He goes original deep dish in Chicago, he gets more inspiration imaginable in Madison, and he devotes multiple eps to one city allowing him to throw enviable and epic parties (and oh yeah, he’s decent at rapping)?! What can’t this chef do?

We give this epicurean wonderment nine likes out of ten. We deeply wish we could swag around with this chef, but we’ll do the next best thing and watch his show.


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