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We’re Getting Wild With CareyBoy & Yanira Pache On Our New TAD Radio!

What’s up everyone! We hope that your week has been great so far, and we’re sure it’s about to get a whole lot better because we’re dropping our brand new TAD Radio right now!

If you thought last week was a riot, then get ready for what we’ve got for you this time around. Joining us in the studio is Mr. Facial Expressions himself, CareyBoy, and Yaya Yanira Pache! Course you guys know how we do when we get together for TAD Radio, so things get wild as per usual, and most importantly, hilarious.

In fact, there’s a moment that goes down in this episode where everyone actually gives the same exact answer to a Nasty Things question. Seriously, we can’t make this shit up.

Check out our newest episode of TAD Radio brought to you by Dash radio right now!


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