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It’s Getting Wild On Our New TAD Radio With Tbhits And Denise Rodriguez!

Thank god it’s Thursday! We know that’s normally saved for some Friday feelings, but Thursday means that it’s TAD Radio time!!

We’re totally broken records when we say that this might be the craziest episode yet…but it might be.

Denise Rodriguez and Tommy Brown aka tbhits, joined us in the studio, and we’re not quite sure we’ve ever laughed so hard during a show. At one point, some secrets start spilling, and Denise even owns up to a hilarious near miss of getting caught getting frisky while in Leli Hernandez’ room. The best part? Leli was chillin’ with us in the studio when she fessed up.

A huge shoutout to Leli by the way, because she totally rocked it as our special guest this episode!

Honestly guys, just give the show a listen for yourselves because us trying to explain the humor will do nothing but fall short of how funny it actually was.

Check out our brand new episode of TAD Radio, brought to you by Dash Radio, down below!


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