Beauty Guru Gina Shkeda Gives Fan the Realest Twitter Response Ever!

This is Gina Shkeda.

gina shkeda gets real

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She is a 21 year old Canadian beauty blogger with over 1 million fans across social media. Clearly, this girl is downright stunning. But yesterday she reminded her fans that she’s not only beautiful but also incredibly down to earth.


Clearly even beautiful bloggers are “just like us,” because Gina seemed to be up late browsing Twitter at the exact same time. Just a minute later, she promptly responded:


Gina already gets cool points for interaction with her fans on a regular basis, but we are giving her *prayer hands emojis* her for getting this real on such a public platform. Fans were immediately impressed with Gina’s honesty and openness about her beauty routine, and weren’t shy about sharing their praise:



Getting real is important

Between social media and real life, we are surrounded by beautiful faces every day. Who’s to know what’s real and what’s just a really good filter? It’s natural to feel insecure from time to time! That’s why it’s so refreshing to see someone with such influence acknowledge the fact that unrealistic standards of beauty do exist. That even though everyone is entitled to embrace what makes them feel most beautiful,”natural-ish” is not the same as natural. Gina is a perfectly example of “doing you and owning it,” which is a great trait to have in a role model:



It’s obvious that Gina Shkeda is a true beauty inside out, who uses her platform to instill confidence and lift up other people. Can we clone her!?


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