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‘Giving Me Life’ Is Story of Multi-Racial Love in NYC!

Giving Me Life (In The Land of The Deadass” is out to show love stories not always seen on TV, and by doing so has landed a coveted slot at the NYTV Festival this month.

“Giving Me Life” is a “provocative dramedy about six Black and Latinx friends of diverse sexualities struggling to live and love in New York City. Each episode will focus on one particular friend as she or he learns how to survive in a city that gives ‘no-f**ks’ about a loving heart or a living wage.”

The show was created by Dafina Roberts who set-out with the goal for more representation on screen.

“It never even occurred to me that the rest of the world didn’t embrace every shade of skin or sexuality until I went upstate for college. That was my first real experience feeling like a ‘minority,’ and it created a burning desire in me to normalize marginalized identities and tell our stories. With the current political and social climate, this show feels even more essential. I truly believe friendship and love can help us survive this harsh world that can be full of hatred, pain and divisiveness.”



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