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Go90’s ‘Fear Us Women’ Is Captivating Documentary

If you were ever curious about the women fighting on the front lines to destroy ISIS, ‘Fear Us Women‘ is the documentary for you. ISIS members believe if a women kills you, you don’t go to heaven. Kurdish People’s Defense Unit, better known as the YPJ, an all women’s army, is out to destroy ISIS and help fight for women’s rights in Syria.

‘Fear Us Women’ tells the story of Hanna Bohman who left her life in Canada to go fight for the YPJ. She said her life didn’t really matter until she started doing this.

“Right now, there are 10,000 women fighting life-or-death battles. But it’s also about the liberation of women in the Middle East. They’re trying to dismantle a thousand years of patriarchy.”

This is the type of film that is both hard to watch and infinitely watchable. Bohman is a conundrum of a woman and an infinitely watchable heroine. We give this film ten out of ten likes. It will be your inspiring dose of feminism for weeks to come.

Watch it now right here on Go90.


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